FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How do I book on to the walk?
In the first instance you will need to contact John who will make you a ‘Guest Member’ and book you on the walk of your choice. You are allowed to come with us on 4 walks as a guest, then you need to decide if our walking club is for you. Once a ‘Full Member’ you can book yourself on any walk.

How do I contact John to arrange going on a walk?
The best way to contact John is via email at wyreramblers@gmail.com. He will contact you to to arrange making you a ‘Guest Member’ We assume you have read the FAQs and are confident you wish to try us out.

Do I need previous experience?
It is not absolutely necessary, we find most people struggle at first if they haven’t tried it before. Persistence rewards you with an amazing number of places that you'll visit that most people never see. And you’ll be much fitter too! However we do prefer it if you do have some experience of hill walking. If in doubt contact John and he will help and advise you.

What equipment/kit do I need?
Good waterproof boots plus a good quality waterproof coat and waterproof trousers, carried in a rucksack to ward off bad weather if needed are the ideal. However until you are sure you enjoy fell walking we advise against rushing off to buy anything. Instead a good pair of shoes that can stand some water will suffice, (although you may end up with wet socks!) Also a coat that will stand some rain (even an umbrella!) although the Lakes weather will get through it eventually. Jeans should be avoided as they will soak up rain water and become very uncomfortable. If you find that fell walking is for you then ask the other members about what gear you should invest in and where to buy it from.

What level of difficulty are the walks?
The ‘A’ walk is for experienced fell walkers only. Whilst the ’B’ walk is easier it is still an undertaking, especially if you haven’t done anything like it before. That said our ‘B’ group leader Peter Rossall is very experienced and is very patient and understanding with our new members. The other members of the group are very supportive too, after all, they’ve already been though what you may be feeling!

What happens if I find the walk too difficult?
We advise new people who aren’t certain of their capabilities to start out on our ‘B’ group walks. We strongly advise new people against joining the ‘A’ group unless they can prove that they have sufficient experience and fitness to complete it. Occasionally, we have the situation of someone struggling or unable to do the walk. The leader will then decide on the safest course of action for all members of the group. Usually they accompany the struggling person, until they either finish or find a shorter route back. The remainder of the group may go ahead to complete the walk if they are confident that they can follow the planned route.

What age groups are there in the club?
We have a range of ages, but most members are aged between 40 and 70.

Can I bring my child/children?
We do allow children accompanied by an adult, they travel for the cost of £6 until aged 16 years. The comments regarding suitable clothing/footwear apply to them too.

What does it cost?
All trips cost £12 irrespective of destination, this is collected on the return journey.

What is the membership fee?
Membership, should you decide to join is £10 per annum

How long a day out is it?
On average you will expect to be out for about 12 hours. The last reqular pick up is at 08:20 and a typical first drop off time is between 19:00 and 20:00. The return times are earlier in winter due to the shorter daylight hours.

Do I have to be a member before I can join a walk?
No, see the question about ‘How do I book on the walk?’

How often are the walks?
We go out fortnightly on a Sunday, in total 26 walks per year. See the home page of the website for dates and destinations.

Do you go out if bad weather is forecast?
Yes, we go out in all weathers! However, for safety we tend to avoid the high summits in favour of lower level walks if the weather is really bad.

Do I have to be able to read a map/compass?
No, the leaders are well versed in the use of map and compass. We welcome anyone who already has the skills. If not and you are interested the leaders can be easily persuaded to aid you in acquiring these skills.

How can I avoid blisters?
This is a tricky one! Firstly, whatever you have on your feet should not slide about, they should fit well but not too tightly. Some members find a thin pair of socks under a thicker pair works for them, others prefer one thick pair! (not thin ones!) If you feel a blister or sore spot starting, STOP and apply a plaster (Compeed is excellent).

What should I bring to eat?
Bring something filling that will give you energy over the day. Also a high energy snack (chocolate is good or similar) if you need a boost later in the day. Bananas are good too!

What should I bring to drink?
A hot drink is advisable (especially in Autumn and Winter) and you should always carry water. Drinks high in sugar should be avoided, they give a quick lift but can leave you feeling thirstier. Fruit juices are good as long as they’re not sugary.

What happens when the walk is completed?
After the day out on the fells/hills most members seek out a local pub and share their experiences of the day and generally relax. Some members retire to a cafe for tea or coffee and discuss their day too. All return to the coach in time for our return journey.