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are a friendly, long established rambling group based on the North Fylde area of Lancashire. Membership of the club is mostly derived from the local towns of Fleetwood, Thornton, Cleveleys and Poulton-le-Fylde.
Coach trips are made fortnightly all year round. In a typical year we visit Lancashire, The Eden Valley, Forest of Bowland, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Howgill Fells, Peak District, North Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales.
A variety of walks are usually available, each led by an experienced leader. These will usually cover distances from about 6 miles to 15 miles, depending on conditions, locality and time of year.

Coach Booking


Please note that in the light of further relaxation of COVID social distancing restrictions the all forward facing seats on the coach can now be used.
At present the fare stays the same as last year.
To book on a trip, from the Monday before at 9am onwards, sign in with your membership number and password, then click on the Booking Button next to the trip name in the 2021 Itinerary.
If you have forgotten your password or membership number use the Password Reset function. If the Password Reset does not work for you, contact John Adams, he can tell you your current stored sign in name, membership number and email address.
Registration has been enabled now that a new moderated process has been implemented.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are now due for payment, it's still the same amount £10. This membership will last until the end of 2021. This will help to replace (not all!) the monies that the club used to subsidise the trips during Covid. Thank you for your help to keep Wyre Ramblers going. There is a grace period until the end of September, after which non payment of your fee will cause your membership of the club to lapse.

Last updated 12th September 2021
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Walking With Wyre Ramblers

If you would like to come along with Wyre Ramblers on one of the walks listed below please phone John Adams on the
Club Mobile: 0790 800 4399 (6.00 p.m - 9.00 p.m)
Should you reach an answerphone or message taking service when phoning then please leave your name and telephone number and state that your interest is in Wyre Ramblers.

John will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We allow non members to accompany us for 4 outings, after which we then expect them to become members of the Wyre Ramblers Club.
The 4 outings can be taken at any time throughout the year.
Membership: £10 per calendar year.

Booking a Seat

Fares (irrespective of distance) are currently:
Adults: £12
Children (under 16): £6
All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Seats may be be booked for the next outing. Fares will be collected on the way home. Any seats that are booked and not occupied must be paid for at the earliest opportunity unless cancelled by the Thursday before the trip.

Telephone bookings may be made on the
Club Mobile: 0790 800 4399 (6.00 p.m - 9.00 p.m)
Please show consideration and do not phone outside the specified times shown.

Booking by email

Coach Pick Up and Drop Off Points

(with nominal departure times)
bus clipart
07:30 BLACKPOOL Whitegate Drive between Hornby Rd & Leeds Rd
(By prior arrangement only, text or email on or before the Wednesday preceding the walk)
07:40 BISPHAM  Devonshire Road Roudabout (opposite garage)
07:50 FLEETWOOD (A)Broadway (Hesketh House)
07:55 FLEETWOOD (B)Broadway Post Office (St. Nicholas's Church)
07:57 FLEETWOOD (C)Poulton Road (Barney's Bingo Hall)
08:00 FLEETWOOD (D)The Esplanade, site of former Fleetwood Pier
08:15 THORNTON  Victoria Road East, (Shopping Precinct)
08:20 POULTON  River Wyre Hotel (Mains Lane)
08:35 GARSTANG  on the A6 at the Bellflower Pub (occasionally, if the route passes this point)

In the summer we set off home at 18.00 hrs

In winter we return roughly 15 to 20 minutes after the sunset time when it falls earlier than 18.00 hrs

Safety Notes


Strong waterproof boots and waterproof clothing are essential. Remember, it is usually much much colder on the tops, winter or summer, than at lower levels.

However good the weather may appear, bring a complete change of clothing to leave on the coach. Bring food for the day and try to include something hot in a flask; soup, coffee or tea for example.

Map, compass, torch, whistle and first aid kit are carried by group leaders, and are advised for individuals within each group.

Each party wil appoint a leader and a back marker to avoid being split up, other members of the party should neither overtake or fall behind,

International Distress Signal

If you get into difficulties, the International Distress Signal is six whistle blasts in quick succession followed by a one minute pause. The acknowledgement is three whistle blasts in quick succession followed by a one minute pause. In each instance repeat until answered.

Personal Responsibilty

In these days of litigation it is important you know that every time you (and each member of your group) join in an organised walk you do so at your own risk as part of an autonomous group, in which each member of that group has a duty of care to each other.

You are responsible for your own safety.

This is no different from the reponsibilties which you have on a casually arranged walk with friends or family.

A Walk for 10th September 2021


Leader John Adams

Distance 9 miles / 14.5 km

Ascent (total) 3494 ft / 1065 m

Descent (total) 3497 ft / 1066 m

Time 6 hours

Sunset Time 19:30

Maps OL4 & OL6 - The English Lakes - North Western & South Western Areas

Start Grid Ref NY294063

Hello everyone,
It looks like we may get a dry day, always a bonus when we venture around the tops of Langdales fells. On watching the weather it appears the weather will be predominantly westerly.
So I thought we might do a route of 2018 but this time we go anticlockwise, hopefully reducing the worst of any weather we might encounter? I haven't seen Peter's offering yet, but I'm certain it will give the 'B' group a good day out! Here's my offering:-
The walk commences at New Dungeon Ghyll car park.
Leaving the car park we make our way across the fields to the Old Dungeon Gill, we take to the lane briefly then the track to Stool End farm. Now begins that first ascent (which most of you will be familiar with) as we ascend (2600 ft/795 m) via the Band over White Stones and Earing Crag on our way to the Hause between Bow Fell & the Crinkles.
Turning south we head for the first of the Crinkles, followed by the ups and downs of the rest of them. (highest point 859m/2818 ft) The final Crinkle gives us the opportunity to scramble down the ‘bad step’ before setting off towards our next summit.
Before that we pass Great Knott then down into the valley of Browny Gill from here we ascend to the summit of Pike O Blisco (705m/2313 ft). From this summit we head east to pass over Wrynose Fell on our way towards Bleaberry Knott and Blake Rigg with its lofty views over Blea Tarn.
Our route turns north east plunging downhill to arrive at the lane below Side Pike. Crossing the lane we follow the path down towards the campsite below, but today we take a slightly different route than on previous occasions.
On reaching the woodland we turn to our right behind the trees and across the fields to Side House farm, there we follow the farm track to the car park where our coach is parked, and our day is completed by a visit to the bar!
Today’s walk has a long ascent (4.5km/2.8miles) to the Summit of the Crinkles. Up the Band and over Earing Crag. Plus that ‘Step!’ Lots of ascent, and lots of descent too. Today’s walk is hard, but not too hard!
We have quite a good turnout, although still some seats are unfilled. For those of you are out, see you Sunday.

2021 Itinerary

Members may book on a trip from the Monday before at 9am onwards when the Now Booking message is displayed. Sign in with your membership number and password using the Sign In button at the top of ths site , then click on the Book On button that appears in this panel by the trip name. Members must be signed in to see the Book On button.
The list of trips below is provisional and may be subject to change.
125th AprilBRAITHWAITE20:35
323rd MayGLENRIDDING via Kirkstone Pass21:24
46th JuneTEBAY via A6 & Shap21:40
520th June*BORROWDALE21:52
64th JulyTHE ROACHES21:36
718th JulyCONISTON via Torver21:32
81st AugustINGLETON via Settle and Horton21:10
915th AugustSEDBERGH via Tebay20:36
1029th AugustLONGSHAW (Hope Valley)20:06
1112th SeptemberLANGDALES19:30
1226th SeptemberKIRKBY STEPHEN18:56
!Now Booking!
Passengers (ordered by pickup point)
1) Bispham: Norman Bailey - Added by John Adams
2) Bispham: Jennifer James - Added by John Adams
3) Bispham: Peter Rossall - Added by Peter Rossall
4) Hesketh House: Nicola Miller - Added by Nicola Miller
5) Hesketh House: Derek Greaves - Added by John Adams
6) Hesketh House: Susan Greaves - Added by Susan Greaves
7) Hesketh House: John Adams - Added by John Adams
8) St Nicks: Sue Wilson - Added by John Adams
9) Barneys: Dawn Johnston - Added by John Adams
10) Asda: Julie Whurr - Added by Julie Whurr
11) Asda: Les Holt - Added by Julie Whurr
12) Thornton: Emma Thomas - Added by John Adams
13) Thornton: Alex Brown - Added by John Adams
14) Thornton: Karen Brown - Added by John Adams
15) Thornton: Clare Ross - Added by John Adams
16) Thornton: Paul Tregonning - Added by John Adams
17) Thornton: Lillian Astil - Added by Bill Astil
18) Thornton: Bill Astil - Added by Bill Astil
19) River Wyre: Jeanne Creighton - Added by Jeanne Creighton
20) River Wyre: Paula Goodacre - Added by Paula Goodacre
21) River Wyre: Michael Goodacre - Added by Paula Goodacre
22) River Wyre: Lorraine Roberts - Added by Lorraine Roberts
23) River Wyre: Gary Walkey - Added by Gary Walkey
24) River Wyre: Betsy Hargreaves - Added by Betsy Hargreaves
25) River Wyre: Dawn Louise Forster - Added by John Adams
26) River Wyre: Derek Shaw - Added by Sue Shaw
27) River Wyre: Sue Shaw - Added by Sue Shaw
28) River Wyre: Liz Ingham - Added by Liz Ingham

1310th OctoberGRASMERE18:19
1424th OctoberCHIPPING16:49
157th NovemberSTAVELEY via Bowness16:22
1521st NovemberHEBDEN BRIDGE via Todmorden16:00
175th DecemberAMBLESIDE15:48
1819th DecemberCLITHEROE15:48
2021 AGM – September 14th at 7.30pm - FLEETWOOD RUGBY CLUB

B WALK for 10th September 2021


Leader Peter Rossall

Distance 8¼ miles / 13¼ km km

Ascent 1581ft / 482 m

Time 5½ hours

Sunset Time 19:30

Maps OL7 & OL6 English Lakes – south east/south west areas

Start Grid Ref NY344035

Today we traverse one of my favourite fells, for which I make no apology, although I sympathise if I have any with me today who walked this route just a few weeks ago with our walking companions from Fylde Coast Ramblers, led ably as they were on that recent day by Stephen (the Bryan Ferry of the Fells) Simpson, who co-incindentally is with us this weekend. He’s more than welcome to tag along with us again if he wants, although I suspect that he may prefer the ‘A’ walk this time around.
We’ll alight from the coach close to Skelwith Bridge before crossing the River Brathay and following the Cumbria Way which takes us into the Little Langdale valley, passing Colwith Force on the way where we generally stop for a morning ‘brew’. Refreshed we continue west to re-cross the Brathay by the quaint Slater Bridge prior to commencing our ascent of Lingmoor.
We’ll head through the hamlet of Little Langdale by heading up the road and then the track that heads to Elterwater, although we leave this just after we’ve passed Dale End by taking the path that goes around Bield Crag. A few ups and downs see us eventually arrive at Brown How, a rocky outcrop that is the summit of Lingmoor Fell at 1539ft a small hill in relation to those around it on all sides.
It’s almost, but not quite, all downhill from here – this is the Lake District after all – and as we leave the summit we’ll follow the wall heading directly for Side Pike which I propose as an add on, although it’s not compulsory and anyone who wishes not to ascend to Side Pike’s summit can choose to continue onwards, or alternatively, you can rest awhile and await the return of those of us who have summited. The fun for all of us is that we’ll have the joy, or agony (and possible embarrassment) of attempting to squeeze through “Fat Mans Agony”, a narrow cleft between two rocks (similar to, but not as long as, the ‘Fairy Steps’ at Arnside) that allows you to continue, providing you don’t get stuck! ... It’s feasible to get through, but not whilst wearing your rucksack.
Once we’re all back together we’ll continue to the top of the road pass before descending via the zig-zag path and through the campsite into Great Langdale to pass by the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel on our way to the New Dungeon Ghyll where we’ll be reacquainted with our transport and have the opportunity to enjoy some refreshments, whilst having Lingmoor Fell and Side Pike looking impressive directly in front of us.