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Wyre Ramblers

are a friendly, long established rambling group based on the North Fylde area of Lancashire. Membership of the club is mostly derived from the local towns of Fleetwood, Thornton, Cleveleys and Poulton-le-Fylde.
Coach trips are made fortnightly all year round. In a typical year we visit Lancashire, The Eden Valley, Forest of Bowland, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Howgill Fells, Peak District, North Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales.
A variety of walks are usually available, each led by an experienced leader. These will usually cover distances from about 6 miles to 15 miles, depending on conditions, locality and time of year.

River Wyre Road Works

PLEASE NOTE: due to the ongoing road works there is currently nowhere for passengers to be picked up or dropped off safely at the River Wyre roundabout.
The plan is for those members who normally board at the River Wyre to board at Thornton instead. There is plenty of parking at Thornton Little Theatre. The coach will stop to pick up passengers as usual at 8:15 am on Victoria Road East, at the bus stop close to Four Lane Ends, by the hedge around Rushlands Hotel .

Last updated 2nd August 2022

Coach Booking

To book on a trip, from the Monday before at 8am onwards, sign in with your membership number and password, then click on the Booking Button next to the trip name in the 2022 Itinerary.
If you have forgotten your password or membership number, or don't know them because you are new member, use the password reset function by clicking on the Forgot Password? button. If the password reset does not work for you, contact John Adams, he can tell you your current stored sign in name, membership number and email address. Sometimes people use slightly different versions of their name, or change email addresses, John can update these if the need arises. Your membership number is fixed and will not change. John cannot tell you your password, the website only stores an attack resistant, one way encrypted (hashed) version of your password.

Scrambling Down

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Walking With Wyre Ramblers

If you would like to come along with Wyre Ramblers on one of the walks listed below please phone John Adams on the
Club Mobile: 0790 800 4399 (6.00 p.m - 9.00 p.m)
Should you reach an answerphone or message taking service when phoning then please leave your name and telephone number and state that your interest is in Wyre Ramblers.

John will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We allow non members to accompany us for 4 outings, after which we then expect them to become members of the Wyre Ramblers Club.
The 4 outings can be taken at any time throughout the year.
Membership: £10 per calendar year.

Booking a Seat

Fares (irrespective of distance) are currently:
Adults: £12
Children (under 16): £6
All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Seats may be be booked for the next outing. Fares will be collected on the way home. Any seats that are booked and not occupied must be paid for at the earliest opportunity unless cancelled by 8pm on the Thursday before the trip.

Telephone bookings may be made on the
Club Mobile: 0790 800 4399 (6.00 p.m - 9.00 p.m)
Please show consideration and do not phone outside the specified times shown.

Booking by email

Coach Pick Up and Drop Off Points

(with nominal departure times)
bus clipart
07:30 BLACKPOOL Whitegate Drive between Hornby Rd & Leeds Rd
(By prior arrangement only, text or email on or before the Wednesday preceding the walk)
07:40 BISPHAM  Devonshire Road Roudabout (opposite garage)
07:50 FLEETWOOD (A)Broadway (Hesketh House)
07:55 FLEETWOOD (B)Broadway Post Office (St. Nicholas's Church)
07:57 FLEETWOOD (C)Poulton Road (Barney's Bingo Hall)
08:00 FLEETWOOD (D)The Esplanade, site of former Fleetwood Pier
08:15 THORNTON  Victoria Road East, (Shopping Precinct)
08:20 POULTON  River Wyre Hotel (Mains Lane)
08:40 GARSTANG  A6 in front of the Great Season Restaurant (by prior arrangement, if the route passes this point)

In the summer we set off home at 18.00 hrs

In winter we return roughly 15 to 20 minutes after the sunset time when it falls earlier than 18.00 hrs

Safety Notes


Strong waterproof boots and waterproof clothing are essential. Remember, it is usually much much colder on the tops, winter or summer, than at lower levels.

However good the weather may appear, bring a complete change of clothing to leave on the coach. Bring food for the day and try to include something hot in a flask; soup, coffee or tea for example.

Map, compass, torch, whistle and first aid kit are carried by group leaders, and are advised for individuals within each group.

Each party wil appoint a leader and a back marker to avoid being split up, other members of the party should neither overtake or fall behind,

International Distress Signal

If you get into difficulties, the International Distress Signal is six whistle blasts in quick succession followed by a one minute pause. The acknowledgement is three whistle blasts in quick succession followed by a one minute pause. In each instance repeat until answered.

Personal Responsibilty

In these days of litigation it is important you know that every time you (and each member of your group) join in an organised walk you do so at your own risk as part of an autonomous group, in which each member of that group has a duty of care to each other.

You are responsible for your own safety.

This is no different from the reponsibilties which you have on a casually arranged walk with friends or family.

A Walk for 17th July 2022


Leader Russell Cobb

Distance 11.5 miles / 18.4 km

Ascent (total) 980ft / 298m

Time 5 hours

Sunset Time 21:10

Map OL2 Yorkshire Dales – Soutern and Western areas

Start Grid Ref SD971584

Leaving the bus just south of the village of Rylstone, we take the bridleway to the south east that soon starts to climb up on to Rylstone Fell. Once up, we stay on the path for a mle and a half before taking a track that leads to Upper Barden reservoir. From here we amke our way to the trig point on Burnsall Fell, at 506m the high point of the walk. Turning eastwards, we descend the fell to the B6160, whih we follow for 3/4 of a mile to Burnsall Brdge. Having called in at the Red Lion, we follow the Dales Way along the River Wharfe for 3 miles or so into Grassington.
N.B There is no path to the summit of Burnsall Fell shown on the map. If no route is apparent, I would propose missing it out and heading straight down the fell from the reservoir. This woul chop about a mile off the distance and 200ft off the ascent.

2022 Itinerary

Members may book on a trip from the Monday before at 9am onwards when the Now Booking message is displayed. Sign in with your membership number and password using the Sign In button at the top of ths site , then click on the Book On button that appears in this panel by the trip name. Members must be signed in to see the Book On button.
Booking now opens at 8am on the Monday before the trip. The list of trips below is provisional and may be subject to change.


Any seats that are booked and not occupied must be paid for at the earliest opportunity unless cancelled by 8pm on the Thursday before the trip.
12nd JanuaryGRANGE OVER SANDS16:01
216th JanuaryARNSIDE16:22
330th JanuaryKESWICK via M616:48
413th FebruaryMALHAM17:16
527th FebruaryGRASMERE17:43
613th MarchHAWORTH18:10
727th MarchCONISTON via Torver19:36
810th AprilDUFTON20:02
924th AprilCALDBECK20:28
108th MayILKLEY via Otley20:53
1122nd MayGLENRIDDING via Kirkstone Pass21:16
125th JuneEDALE21:35
1319th JuneLANGDALES21:44
143rd JulySNOWDON21:43
1517th JulyBORROWDALE21:31
1631st JulyGRASSINGTON21:10
1714th AugustBUTTERMERE20:55
!Now Booking!
Green text indicates a member, brown indicates a guest
Passengers (ordered by pickup point)
1) Thornton: John Adams - Added by John Adams
2) Thornton: Lorraine Roberts - Added by Lorraine Roberts
3) Thornton: Janet Formstone - Added by Janet Formstone
4) Thornton: Paula Baxter - Added by John Adams
5) Thornton: Harry Gawthorpe - Added by Angela Taylor
6) Thornton: Angela Taylor - Added by Angela Taylor
7) Thornton: Gary Walkey - Added by Gary Walkey
8) Thornton: Stephen Simpson - Added by Stephen Simpson
9) Thornton: Julia Sweet - Added by Julia Sweet
10) Thornton: Klare Calvert - Added by Klare Calvert
11) Thornton: Mark Farrar - Added by Mark Farrar
12) Thornton: Lillian Astil - Added by Bill Astil
13) Thornton: Donna Macrae - Added by Donna Macrae
14) Thornton: Jane McWilliams - Added by Jane McWilliams
15) Thornton: Dave Brown - Added by Jane McWilliams
16) Thornton: Eileen Worthington - Added by Eileen Worthington
17) Thornton: Lyndsay Newton - Added by Lyndsay Newton
18) Thornton: Angela Armstrong - Added by John Adams
19) Thornton: Denise Powell - Added by John Adams
20) Thornton: Mark Baxter - Added by John Adams
21) Thornton: Dawn Louise Forster - Added by Dawn Louise Forster
22) Thornton: Bill Astil - Added by Bill Astil
23) Thornton: Peter Rossall - Added by Peter Rossall
24) Thornton: Linda Adams - Added by John Adams
25) Thornton: Les Holt - Added by Les Holt
26) Thornton: Karen Bowes - Added by Paul Tregonning
27) Thornton: Beverley Pritchard - Added by Beverley Pritchard
28) Thornton: Paul Tregonning - Added by Paul Tregonning
29) Thornton: Paul Thwaites - Added by Paul Thwaites
30) Thornton: Ian Irwin - Added by John Adams
31) Thornton: Derek Greaves - Added by John Adams
32) Thornton: Betsy Hargreaves - Added by Betsy Hargreaves
33) Thornton: Julie Whurr - Added by Julie Whurr
34) Thornton: Nicola Miller - Added by Nicola Miller
35) Thornton: Russell Cobb - Added by Russell Cobb
36) Thornton: Norman Bailey - Added by John Adams
37) Thornton: Liz Ingham - Added by Liz Ingham
38) Thornton: Sue Shaw - Added by John Adams
39) Thornton: Derek Shaw - Added by John Adams
40) Thornton: Janice Fairburn - Added by Janice Fairburn
41) Thornton: Jeanne Creighton - Added by Janice Fairburn
42) Thornton: Noelle Sinclair - Added by Noelle Sinclair
43) Thornton: Daniel Rawcliffe - Added by John Adams

1911th SeptemberBRAITHWAITE19:37
2025th SeptemberLLANDUDNO19:02
219th OctoberBROUGHTON IN FURNESS18:28
2223rd OctoberMARSDEN17:56
236th NovemberSTAVELEY via Troutbeck16:28
2420th NovemberRAMSBOTTOM16:06
254th DecemberAMBLESIDE15:52
2618th DecemberKIRKBY LONSDALE via Caton15:50

*Single pickup at 08:00 at Four Lane Ends, Thornton

B WALK for 31st July 2022


Leader Peter Rossall

Distance 8 miles / 13 km

Ascent(total) 664ft / 203m

Time 5 to 5½ hours

Sunset Time 21:19

Map OL2 Yorkshire Dales – southern & western areas

Start Grid Ref SE002638

We’ve not been here in a while, 2018 to be precise, although we were in this vicinity during that soggy day in February when a missed turning by our driver saw us having an unplanned coach tour of the Yorkshire Dales! Those who’ve been here before know how nice it is, those of you who haven’t are in for a treat. I’m doing basically the same walk that we’ve done previously although its easy – remember Buttermere is next up and we’ll probably do something far more strenuous around there – that said, I’ve also looked at making a couple of slight alterations from previous trips to cut down on the amount of road walking involved. Hope you like it.
Having used the facilities in the car park at Grassington [the toilets have a 20p entrance fee] we’ll leave the car parking area via the rear entrance as we head down to the river Wharfe which we will meet just be Linton Falls. Although there has been some rain recently, a concerted dry spell prior to that may mean that the falls are not looking at their best, either way, it is still a better option than traipsing along the main road.
Once by the river we’ll turn right (north) and follow the easy riverside path to Grassington Bridge, crossing over the main road here and continuing alongside the river until we reach Ghaistrill’s Strid, another waterfall of sorts, though the dry spell may have dulled its appearance.
We’ve enjoyed a morning break here on previous visits although another 5 minutes or so further on is probably a better spot to do that (weather permitting of course). Eventually we leave the river and climb gradually to meet a minor road. I’ve used a path through a wooded area that knocks off about a third of a mile of road walking here. All of this eventually sees us arrive in the village of Conistone where the majority of our climbing for the day begins as we ascend through the limestone gorge of Conistone Dib. The ‘Dib’ has a couple of sections where a bit of ‘hands on’ scrambling is required although the option to avoid it completely and rejoin us higher up is available.
Once the top of the ‘Dib’ is reached we’ll use the raised ground to the left to have lunch and, as this is a section of Limestone pavement, anyone who fancies having a ‘mess about’ on it can, as we’ll certainly have the time available. Les’s group, having also come through Conistone Dib, will be continuing uphill via the well worn track (the Bycliffe Road) whereas we are going to head due south by following the Dales Way - signposted as Grassington 2½ miles – with us eventually being deposited back in this lovely village, a super place to have a look around or to enjoy some refreshments, with plenty of cafes and pubs vying for our custom.

‘B+’ WALK for 17th July 2022


Leader Les Holt

Distance 10 miles / 16 km

Ascent(total) 1158ft / 353m

Time 5½ hours

Sunset Time 21:19

Map OL2 Yorkshire Dales – southern & western areas

Start Grid Ref SE002638

Les’s alternative ‘B’ walk adds a couple miles to what I’m doing and a bit more height and it also takes in some mine workings, so it’ll be interesting as well as scenic.
Starting from Grassington’s car park, where toilet facilities are available, we make our way up the Main Street before leaving the village via the Dales Way, although we turn off that after a short section to follow a path that heads downhill towards the village of Conistone. This leads directly to Conistone Dib, a limestone ravine, that sees us heading uphill. Once the top of ‘the Dib’ is reached we take to the Bycliffe Road (track) to continue climbing to the summit ridge.
Turning right here to head south, leading very gently downhill all the way until we reach the collection of buildings known as Yarnbury. The road here would lead directly back to Grassington but we’ll look to use the bridleway that takes a more interesting route to our final destination.
Grassington Route